Documentation for xmlwebgui, a validating xml editor

Lars Trieloff

Table of Contents

1. Installation
System Requirements
Getting xmlwebgui
Deploying the xmlwebgui web application
2. Running the examples
The modified document
3. Customizing xmlwebgui
URL parameters
Setting the servlet's parameters
setting the rootDir parameter
User-Management and security
exit and error URL
Using custom DTDs
Using custom templates
Defining own Cascading Stylesheets
Modifying the entry page
Defining own XSL Stylesheets
4. Building xmlwebgui from source code
A. Apache Software License

List of Figures

2.1. The welcome screen
2.2. selecting an element
2.3. inserting a child element
2.4. inserting text
2.5. selecting text to be changed
2.6. saving changes to the text
2.7. showing the attributes
2.8. choosing the right attribute value
2.9. saving changes

List of Examples

3.1. Default configuration
3.2. the default session validator
3.3. the default session id parameter name
3.4. unrestricted access
3.5. adressing the Docbook DTD
3.6. adressing the WML DTD
3.7. adressing the Simplesite DTD
3.8. DTDstyle for XHTML