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30.01.2002 Lars Trieloff

xmlwebgui is a validating xml editor that runs in every DOM-conform browser (Mozilla, Netscape6 and MSIE5+). On the client sie it works with JavaScript and CSS, at the server side are some servlets for parsing the DTD and transforming the xml data via XSLT.

contributions welcome

05.02.2002 Lars Trieloff

xmlwebgui is work in progress and all contribution is welcome. If you are a webdeveloper with experience in Java, JavaScript or XML, send me a mail and I will tell, how to contribute.


XML Web GUI enters beta stage

08.05.2002 Lars Trieloff

XML Web GUI enters with version 0.5b1 the beta stage of development process. Improvements have been made to the user-interface, security and speed.
XML Web GUI is avaliable for download in binary and source packages for Java 1.3 and Java 1.4 from Sourceforge.

Welcome Josh!

21.04.2002 Lars Trieloff

Josh Campbell has joined the XML Web GUI project. He will be responsible for the user interface and design of the software.

CSS Artists wanted!

28.02.2002 Lars Trieloff

xmlwebgui needs project help. I am in search of a css compentent webdeveloper who will create dtd styles that are nicer than mine.
You should have some experience with css and be able to create nice-looking styles for visualizing abstact data structures.

third alpha version released

28.02.2002 Lars Trieloff

The third alpha version was released today. It includes major bugfixing and some new features, that make it easier to include xmlwebgui into your website. Additionally I have created css styles for two dtds.
The next release, which will be the first beta release is expected for mid march. It will contain a bundle with apache cocoon.
Please download it from the download page at

second alpha includes documentation

30.01.2002 Lars Trieloff

Today the second alpha version of xmlwebgui, the validating xmleditor, that can be used with your browser was released. This version includes a bugfix for mozilla, now you are able to edit attributes in this browser too. Additionally the documentation includes now installation instructions, screenshots and a step-by-step example. Please download it from the download page at

first release

05.02.2002 Lars Trieloff

Today the first alpha version of xmlwebgui was released. It is ready to run and includes some example files. Please download it from the download page at